Moineaus in 2006-7

jack jack again
Jack is growing and learning a lot about the world around him.  He is also beginning to look a lot like his dad, Philip. (Photo by Philip) He is getting old enough to wear more grown up clothes and soon he should be getting around well on his own. (Photo by Philip)
standing? pam
It looks like he is ready to get up on his own two feet.  Although he is on a quilt now, the standing part should not take long. (Photo by Philip.) His big sister, Peyton, looks very happy about somethig.  Maybe it is approach of Christmas or maybe her brother amuses her. (Photo by Philip)
something new a doll
She has a very big doll who is almost her size.  This doll requires a lot of care which Peyton is prepared to give.  (Photo by Philip) It must be time for the baby's nap, so Peyton lets the doll rest comfortably. (Photo by Philip).

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