Mom's 70th Birthday

arrival walking in
A big surprise party had been planned for mom's 70th birthday.  To help the surprise along the party was held a bit after her real birthday.  This way she would never expect a thing as you can see from the arrival picture above.  (Photo by Pegeen) After the kids ran out to greet their grandma, mom bravely walked down the driveway to the porch to meet the other instigators. ( Photo by Pegeen)
on the porch the porch
The first group included Alissa and Maura.  Mom was so surprised that she had to lean heavily on her cane.  She then rested a bit by sitting among this bunch of males gathered on the porch. From the left were Jake, John, mom, Aidan  and Zach.
inside outside
Inside while they were waiting for the main food to be ready, Pegeen tried a new fangled drink in a strange fangled glass, while Will3 and Susan tried to figure out the proper placement of all the food. The last contingent arrived so now the party could get started.  The family from Bala Cynwyd (minus Mary Anne, who always has to work) arrived with more food and drink.  John D was mobbed by the two cousin twins.

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