Mom's 70th Birthday - Page 2

more food the twins
Patrick happily watched as Sean and Maura D struggled to carry the heavily laden cooler down to the house. But, Patrick did offer to offload the package that Maggie was bearing, while the cousin twins, Emily and Marissa, looked on. 
3 girls on the porch
The cousin twins, Emily and Marissa, were joined by Maggie for a prize winning photograph. Meanwhile, back on the porch a major battle of giants was starting to begin. John and Jake watched as Aidan mounted John D and Keenan mounted Ian.  Jordan, Keenan's sister wished him well in the coming battle.
porch fun inside
It looked like the battle was ready to start, but Aidan was already falling off.. This must have meant that the other side won by default. It looked like it was time for dinner and the cousin twins were the very first to get to the food. They could not possibly eat all this by themselves so they would have to go and tell the others to "Come and get it!"

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