A Trip to the "Big Easy"

    At Eastertime, mom and I traveled to New Orleans for a Tauck Tour of the city and the remaining sites of the era before the Civil War.   Of course, since it was Eastertime, we had to attend the Dalton egg hunt first.  We arrived downtown in plenty of time for the hunt, only to discover that the camera batteries were dead.  So after walking back home to get new batteries, I returned to the hunt after it was over ( about a minute after the fire whistle). The pictures below are all after the hunt.
Aidan saunters up to get his reward of candy after the egg hunt is over.  He doesn't look too happy about it.
Heather is in front of Katherine with a bag full of eggs and it appears as if she is still looking for more.
Katie moves in on the picture of Marissa and Emily while Susan and Mom watch from the sidelines.
Will Carey admires his take from the morning adventures as Emily looks on and Heather and Katherine talk about their prize eggs.
bunny and twins
Susan and Will pose for a picture as Aaron holds a tired Aidan. 
The cousin twins, Marissa and Emily, pose for this cute picture with the Easter Bunny.