North Ireland

This summer we went on a tour  of the north of Ireland. We started at Dublin, made our way north and west through part of Northern Ireland out to Killybegs.  We then came back to the top of Northern Ireland and the Giants Causeway and down to Belfast.  From Belfast we traveled through Downpatrick back  to Dublin. The markers for our trip are shown on the Google Map above.

On our tour of Dublin we stopped at the gardens in Phoenix Park.  Our driver, Matt, and our bus are shown in the picture.

The gardens were enclosed in a wall and many of our group were inside looking at the floral display.

Soon a group of three, two sisters and a niece came out of the gardens. Peggy, Mary and mom strolled out of the gardens after spending some time among the flowers.

The three sisters and a niece are discussing plans on what to do next.  They only want to go to the very best places, which is why they chose this store to eat lunch. Notice that it is the store of the year for 2012.

Then it was on to the Hill of Tara, where mom was trudging up the muddy cowpath to see one of the buiral mounds.

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