The Story of Patrick

Patrick arrived in the summer of 1964.  He was the first and only Scranton native son in the family.
Soon after his arrival in the thriving metropolis, he was baptized.  His godmother, Fran, holds him while Fr. Casey, SJ steadies the girls, who seemed to be busy looking elsewhere.
ready to roll
Patrick came into a family that was often on the go in that green and white VW bus parked at the curb.
One place to which Patrick traveled  early in his young life was Cape Cod.  John tried to comfort his  crying brother in the sands of Cape Cod.
Patrick had a special chair to relax in and Pegeen and Mary Anne were jealous.
Mary Anne was getting to be big, so she tried her hand at holding her little brother,  even though Patrick seemed a little apprehensive about this state of things.

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