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the kids
more kids
Getting a family photo was always difficult.  Patrick was upset because John had a lolipop and he didn't.  The girls shared his feelings. 
Something must have changed because here he happily waved to the camera. 
in a pack rack
About this time, a new contraption was invented to carry a little tyke on your back.   Mom saw a picture in a national magazine and immediately ordered one. 
Patrick got a ride in the pack all the way to the gorges of Ithaca, when we visited the Vaniks.   Mary Anne and Pegeen had to walk although John got carried at times.
first birthday
on the porch
Patrick attained the age of one and a suitable celebration and photo was arranged.  Someone tried to ruin this photo.  Who was it?
At times, it was possible to find the family on the old front porch of 109 Weatherby. 

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