The Story of Pegeen

born for the snow
In the fall of 1961, a young lady by the name of Pegeen arrived in the family.  The snow was soon nearly two feet deep, but her mother brought her out to play.
It was a good thing that there would be a warm bath later or that poor girl might have frozen to death. 
in the carriage
Every day she went in the carriage in the big back yard of the Watertown apartment.  She was soon wiggling and kicking off her blankets.
Later in the day, she would relax in her reclining chair and call for her supper.
Soon, it was summer and Pegeen went to the beach to learn how to swim.  Even though she wasn't walking, she eagerly crawled down to the water ready to take off for Europe. 
After her blond hair came in, she was ready for  her first family portrait with Mary Anne and her mother.

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