PreChristmas 2011

at dinner
mom at
We journeyed to State College to attend Zachary's graduation, and the night before the graduation we went out to dinner with Zach and his family.  In this picture Zach and Jane are seriously discussing the future.
Mom was seriously considering reading the menu to select a meal, which we had with a series of cold drafts (of cold air from the open door).


After dinner we traveled to the deep dark dungeon, known as Zeno's, where Ian hangs out.  It is so dark that the only light is the flash of the camera and a few Christmas lights. While Jane and Zach continue their serious discussion, mom listens to the Blue Grass band, which is quite good.

with the
morning of
On the way back to the car we stopped by the pigs which had been bronzed in honor of Pegeen. 
It was the morning of graduation and as you can see, Zach is already to go up on stage for the graduation ceremony. 

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