San Francisco 2010

apartment tour
In June of 2010 we took a trip to San Francisco and stayed with Mary Anne and JohnD in Palo Alto.  We had a tour of her apartment area right after we arrived in California and this picture is representative of the setting of the apartment.
The apartments are seen on the left as we walked along a path on the perimeter of the apartment grounds. Mary Anne's apartment was a little different as you can see below.
As Mary Anne and mom rest on the couch on the patio the apartment looks similar to the other apartments, but their view is a little different as you can see by the next pictures.
The patio is filled with a number of different kinds of plants, including birch trees.
golden gate park
The other side is even more filled with plants and flowers.   It is a real garden apartment. It is a fitting setting for one who volunteers at the Botanical Gardens.
The next day we went to the De Young Museum to see an exhibit of the Impressionists.  After seeing the exhibit, we went to the tower of the museum to see what we could see.  We could see Twin Peaks in the background with the tall tower, the California Academy of Science building with the grass roof, and an outdoor performance area. These are located in the Golden Gate Park. 

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