The Jersey Shore

3 little girls the porch
Three girls who had once been little gathered on the porch of the middle one to enjoy the air of the Jersey Shore.  Connie, Ann and mom enjoy their morning coffee on deck. Another view of the scene shows clearly the address and owner next to the  main door in addition to the three young girls.
by the bay end of the road
The trio strolled to the end of the street  and turned at the end to return, But the photographer caught them as the wind pinned them against the street barrier.
the concert the moon
That night they attend the "All Broadway" concert of the Orchestra of the Jersey Shore and relaxed while listing to the music from the distant band stand seen at the top left of the picture. Then came the "Rising of the moon", and the world turned a different color, but the moon was blood red as it came up from the sea.  At the right in the mysterious light are Ann and Connie, who had never seen such a sight.

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