A Baby Shower for Maura

all is ready maura is waiting
Well, this is an attractive room.  It looks like someone is waiting for something. (Photo by Pegeen)   It must be Maura who is waiting for something or someone.  There is a small bed in the room with sides to it.  This looks like one of those beds that use for small kids.  Maybe that is what she is waiting for. (Photo by Pegeen)
ready for the shower the little girls
There was a rumor that a grand affair was going to take place at Susan's.  It was the kind of affair that old Grandpas were not supposed to attend because they might get wet and get pneumonia.  They call the event a shower and the liquid must come from all the material displayed on the table.  (Photo by Pegeen) Two young ladies, Jordan and Katherine, were there early and looked like they could eat all the food by themselves, but they were probably warned to stay away from the food until all the guests arrived.  (Photo by Pegeen)
This shower is for ducks many guests
Ducks really enjoy the water and these two specimens were ready to jump off the cake and enjoy the shower as soon as it started.  (Photo by Pegeen) The guests have started to arrive and it looks like Susan has told a shocking tale to Allisa.  Maura was in the background with s strange looking drink and that might be mom in the pink suit.  Across the counter are Maura D and Katie.    (Photo by Pegeen)

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