Amanda's Shower

Amanda's Shower was held in April.  Since males are not allowed at showers all the pictures were obtained from Mary Anne, a privileged attendee at the shower due to being the mother of the groom.
more table
The guests have arrived and the most important question was the menu, grandma is studying intensely as Patti looks on.
The waitress scribbles the orders as the bride, Amanda, sits at the head of the table and Maura D glides in from the side.
more kids
A group of cousins pose for the camera. Maura D, Katherine and Heather smile for the camera while holding glasses.  Katherine's glass is empty and that might be significant.
Heather and Katherine get around and here they pose with Amanda who will soon be a cousin-in-law.
other side
A shot of another group of cousins shows the smiling faces of Jordan, Emily and Marissa.
The bride-to-be and her mother smile for the camera.

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