Springtime Events (or something like that)

    These pages describe a number of events most of which occurred around springtime, but some are carryovers.  Complaints may be made to the management.

Emily the card
Emmy and friend
At the local elementary school, which serves the Dalton kids, the play was Alice in Wonderland   and Emily was a card - actually the 7 of hearts.
After the play, Emily in costume greets her friend, Kiernan with a hi five that only a card can give.
Heather the duck
Heather again
Heather, who was also in the play, was a duck.  Here she is crouched behind Alice.  The resolution is low because the distance to the stage is great.
Here, Heather the duck consoles Alice who wants to find her way back home.
the new room
but according to Keenan
In a trip to the Hart's, I found Jordan eager to explain the details of the new big TV, which always seemed to be filled with a lot of rabbits.
Keenan then added his version of the story, but the rabbits were still on the TV screen.