Spring 2011

for lunch
whole scene
We arrived at Patrick's to find this guy busily preparing a fruit salad for lunch.  Actually, he was part of a team  and
here is the other part, who is resting her arm before they tackle some more melons, and other fruit.  The salad was delicious so Jordan and Keenan did a great job. 
lava cake
close up
Later, Jordan outdid herself by preparing this lava cake for the evening's dessert.  This sample was saved for the camera and
as you can see it looks delicious and just like a volcano with the lava spilling out the top and spreading out at the bottom of the mountain. It also tasted great!
old times
little sister?
This is a picture from the old days. Who are they?  Where are they? When was this?
Maura came to visit us just before Easter. Here she is with one of her twins.  Her shirt says little sister, but is she trying to fool you?

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