A number of events occurred during the late spring, including First Communions and a College Graduation.  These pages present a few of the moments connected with these events.

Getting ready
Godmother and child
It is almost time to leave for Church and Heather Holzman is all ready.  However, they still have to catch her brother, Aidan.
Godmother, Maura White,  and Godchild smile for their formal portrait.
ready to go
speedy heather
Everbody seems to be ready to go.  Even Aidan is dressed and ready.  Now if only Emily would show up. 
Heather came back from Communion so fast that the camera only caught a blur. 
sleeping Aidan
ready for portrait
Aidan is in the position he maintained throughout the ceremony and for quite a while afterwards. 
Now to get these kids ready for their portrait.  Heather is ready; what is the matter with the other kids?