Spring Things - page 2

the mud the bow
Right after the jungle comes the mud and Jordan has to slow down lest they get dirty from all the mud.
The show is over and the cast is ready to bow.  It was a great show and the cast deserves the applause they get.
Jordan and friends the others
Now that the show is over, it is time to get a photo with friends and here Jordan poses with four of her friends from school. 
It is now time for lunch and other things, and two members of the audience are ready for a little exercise.  Patrick and his son, Keenan, work out for a bit before lunch.
mother and child

brother and sister
After lunch, Jordan and her mother do the proper thing and go around and visit the people at all the other tables.  This is the room where Jordan goes to school.
Finally, we get a quick picture of sister and brother; Jordan and her brother, Keenan, pose very briefly for a picture.

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