Spring 2007

race start another race
Spring has come and so have the runners of the track team. This year, Emil is among them. Here Emily, second from the left is lining up for the start of the race and is getting instructions from the race officials. (Photo by mom) They are all lined up and ready to go.  They are just waiting for the starting gun to send  them on their way.  Emily is second from the right.   ( Photo by mom )
in full stride relay
Emily is now in full stride.  The start was staggered so it is difficult to see Emily's true position in the race, but she did very well for herself that day. In fact, she finished first in the 800 m and placed in several other events.  (Photo by mom ) At this point in the race, Emily is definitely in the lead, but only a few paces ahead of the other racers.  (Photo by mom)
finish waiting
This is a relay race and Emily is running in the second lane, ready to hand off to the next runner. She was the third runner in the 4X100 relay, and managed to pick up ground during her leg of the race.  (Photo by mom)   Another day, another meet.  Emily is waiting for her events and doing some stretching in order to get ready.

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