Spring 2007 - Page 2

ready for 400 running
Emily is ready for the 400 m run, but she is in the outside lane, where you are behind even if you are ahead.   Emily comes to the finish for the 400 m a bit behind the leader.
start for 800 on the way
Emily is ready for the start of the 800 m run.  She is 4th from the left. She got a second in this event. Emily is running the third leg of the 4X400 m  and the team did very well.  They won the race and their time should qualify them for districts.
ready aidan too
There are more important races in the spring and the Easter Egg Hunt is one of them.  Here Heather and her friend have lined up for the older kids hunt. Heather planned to go out there fast. Across the way, Aidan was getting ready with the encouragement of his mother and grandmother.

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