Spring  2008

bunny egg hunt
It is Easter and time for spring. At least it was time for an Easter Bunny Cake.  Mom made this great cake for the Easter dinner.  As you can see it is a very happy bunny even though the weather was chilly.   Since the kids next door had missed the great egg hunt on Saturday, they had their own on Monday.  The three are ready to run at the signal to gather all the eggs that Aaron has carefully hidden.
heather the flash hidden egg
They all rushed off, but Heather went so fast, she was just a blur to the camera.   She even spotted the eggs that were carefully hidden as this orange one in the leaves at the lower left.
ready running and freezing
Spring means the track season has begun.  But, it was so cold out that Emily was all bundled up even during the race. It was so cold that some of the runners froze in place and had to be thawed out in a pot of hot water.

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