Spring 2008 - Page 2

the jump running
Another day, but still cold in these hills.  Emily approaches the mark and  was a little over; but she still has another jump.   Emily leads the pack as she comes into the final stretch in the 400 meter dash.  
gardens water gardens
We took a trip to the Longwood Gardens in Southeastern PA and one of the first areas we walked to was the the Flower Garden Walk, which was ablaze with color. Mom takes her time to absorb it all. Mom is now looking at another kind of garden, for this is an Italian Water Garden which is filled with pools and fountains.
indoor gardens more indoors
One of the most amazing parts of the Gardens is the Conservatory which is the biggest and most expansive greenhouse that one can imagine. Entering the building is like going into the outdoors, indoors. Mom was dazzled by the site of the huge variety of plants and flowers that filled the main room of the Conservatory. This room was several stories high.

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