Spring 2008 - Page 3

big expanse more flowers
This picture gives you an idea of the expanse of one of the wings of the main Conservatory building, together with the large variety of different types of plants. Mom looks at this display with the idea of putting them on the side of her house.
lood there big green dog
Just before leaving the building, another display catches her eye and she stops to stare at all the plants just hanging there. Outside we saw a great big green dog in the Topiary Garden. He looks like he gets a lot to eat.  In the middle of the Gardens there is a Cow Lot, and even though I looked carefully all day long, I never saw a cow on the Cow Lot.
at Wellsley
the wave
John S was running in the Boston Marathon again, and at Wellesley he had already passed thousands of runners. John has a red and white shirt and is in the center of the picture. [Photo by Cindy from Pegeen] Here he waves to the camera as he rushes by on his way to Boston, only about 20 miles away. [Photo by Cindy from Pegeen]

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