Part 2 Spring 2008 

liam the cart
At the end of May we traveled to Syracuse and stayed with Maura in her new house. Susan and her girls were there and there was much talk, but Liam got the important stuff out to show us - Leggo and a penguin. He then got a cart ready for him to ride in, since he had a number of potential horses in the house.  He did get lots of rides from the available horses, whose names were Katherine and Marissa.
go dog dogs
In the afternoon we went to the Dog Show and there were plenty of dogs to see.   They came in all colors of the rainbow and the orange dog over on the right was played by Marissa.
more dogs orange dog?
At the end of the show Marissa answered the question of a little girl who ventured forth onto the stage. Here the Orange Dog stands under the Red Tree as some other actors discuss the show.

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