Spring has arrived in the Northeast - at least in the Philadelphia area, so this page shows a few shots of those coming down with spring fever.
the artist
This is a portrait of the old and the young resting after  their battle with the monsters of the basement. (Photo by Jordan)
A Portrait of the Artist as a young girl.  This is the one responsible for most of the pictures on this page.

The pictures below represent a study of Keenan by his sister Jordan, who cleverly took these shots of the many poses of her brother.

keenan 1
keenan 2
Keenan was not going to play this game and looked defiantly up at the photographer. (Photo by Jordan)
Then he pretended to be very interested in something else and ignored the camera.  (Photo by Jordan)
keenan 3
keenan 4
Keenan then quietly contemplates his position and ponders his next move. (Photo by Jordan)
Finally, Keenan turns aside and focuses his attention on something else - anythng else.  (Photo by Jordan)

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