Russia - St. Petersburg

The map below shows the city of St. Petersburg.  The map is modified from Google Earth.  Our boat was docked at the bottom right and the center of interest of the city was at the upper left. On the map are labeled the Hermitage, a large art museum and part of the Winter Palace, the Vasilyevski Island, which we crossed to go to the Peter and Paul Fortress.  The Neva River flows into St. Petersburg from Lake Ladoga, the largest lake in Europe, and flows into the Gulf of Finland by splitting around the Vasilyevski Island.


brave couple
first stop
The boat has docked in St. Petersburg, and the intrepid couple is off to the city to see the sights.  They did take the bus, although it may have been faster to walk or ride the metro.(Photo from Russa-Foto)  We soon got to the first stop of the day which was Smolny Convent and Cathedral. Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter I, had planned to hand the government to her nephew, Peter III, and retire here.
another viw
a view
Mom looks over the place and figure it was a pretty good retirement home, but the fuel costs might be a little high.
The statue in the foreground is that of Peter the Great, while the building in the background is the Senate and Synod. The square was first known as Peter's Square, then as Senate square and finally as Decembrists Square in honor of those who died and were exiled in the rebellion of December 1825.

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