Summer 2010

a pair
It was mid summer and time for a road trip so we journeyed to the center of the state of PA to see Pegeen and her family. We all went out to dinner and the all included JohnS, Ian, Jane with Zach, Erika with Jake, Pegeen and mom. 
After dinner, mom posed with her second oldest grandson who is proudly independent - It says so on his shirt, so it must be so.
Then we have Zach with Jane and Pegeen posing with Jake, just before we split up and went in different directions.
The older half traveled to the new Botanical Gardens of Penn State to see the flowers and interrupt a marriage proposal. (Which apparently was successful in spite of us.)
botanical gardens
Mom and JohnS spent some time critically evaluating the floral selection, which was pretty good for a start.  We shall look for improvements in the coming years.
We then traveled up to the Syracuse area to watch two little girls eating homemade popsicles. They do this in a very ladylike manner.

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