Summer 2010 - Page Two

combat ready
Campbell is upside down, but does not seem  to mind it at all. She has a helmet in  case she should fall.
Ainsley is moving in with full battle array.  She has a helmet and a new electronic protector ray around her shoulders to fend off any attacks.
the two
in the car
Ainsley with the green helmet and Campbell with the yellow helmet are all set for the rigors of playing in the family room. 
They did have to interrupt their fun for a trip in their new car to bring their brother home from summer camp. Ainsley apparently finds her shoe a delicious treat.
getting Liam
at home
The two young girls march briskly up the walk with their mother and grandmother to pick up Liam who is inside the building.
The girls have finished their dinner and are enjoying some delicious yogurt. they have enjoyed it so much that they decorated their faces with it.

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