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the car
golf pros
The kids were left home, alone, and their cousin, Sean, came to baby sit.  The first task was to complete a race car out of a box. Finishing touches are being made by Aidan and Katherine, while driver Heather looks out the window.
Later the golf pros, Will and Aidan, practice their strokes on the front lawn. Aidan has a wicked swing which often dug up the lawn. 
Sean, the indulgent cousin, bought a slip and slide  device which gave the kids no end of fun.  Here Marissa takes one of the initial trials.
Then Emily tries the slide in the sitting position.  Maybe this is worth more points.
Then Will takes  a slide while Heather adjusts the  plastic strip.  She will try it out  later.
Katherine is next with a belly-flopper as the crowd looks on.

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