Summer 07 -2

1 on 1 discuss
There was a tough one-on-one going on at the pool basketball court between Aidan and his friend, AJ, when a new young lad, Tyler, came over and wanted to join.  Aidan then gave the little guy some instruction on the method of playing basketball and shooting.
whoosh tube fort
"This is what you do," said Aidan as he placed the ball cleanly through the net. Tyler must have learned a lot from this instruction. Aidan and his friend built a big fort made up of swimming tubes. Apparently, you got into the fort by going underwater.
on the board the plunge
Heather came to the pool with a friend and they quickly went over to the diving board.  They had goggles to wear and as soon as they put them on they could jump in the pool.   Heather jumped first, but her friend was right behind.  You can rest assured that they made a big SPLASH  at the pool.  

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