Summer Fun in 2007

colorful shirts hectic dinner
The little Hart kids stopped by for dinner and received some T-shirts that developed color in the sunlight.  Jordan proudly shows her shirt for the camera, but Keenan is trying to figure out if he can use this process to change Grandpa's car to a color other than white.   Dinner was cooked on the barbecue and everyone rushed to the table to quickly devour the food.  Grandpa almost didn't make it, but he has this picture so he can see what he could have eaten.
magic brew how does it work?
After Girl Scout Camp, Katherine came to stay with Heather and one day they came with Aidan to make some ice cream.  They looked like wizards and witches standing over a magic brew.   While Katherine grimaces at the taste, Aidan wants to know how this all works.
the wizards down south
At the end, Katherine took a picture of the ice cream magicians  just before they began to eat all the ice cream.   Jordan was going to have a Birthday Party and it was going to be a Great Big Splash!  Before the event got under way, Keenan and his cousins, Nadia and Anthony played  around the big gym set in the back yard.

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