Summer 2008

There was a prisoner exchange between the north and the south which took place in Binghamton.  The principals were Katherine, Aidan, Will4, Emily, Marissa, Sheba and Jake.
A short time later Mary Anne and John gave a Moving Party for Sean and Amanda. The group above is sampling the food for the party. There is Sean, Katie, mom, Maggie and Emily.
Meanwhile, in the parlor, the pool shark, Will4, is testing his skills. His mother better not find out about this.
When he saw the camera, Will4 quickly moved outside to start munching on the food. Emily, Maggie and Katie were already there.
patio again

don't try at home
Here is a more normal picture of Emily, Maggie and Katie.
Will4 and Adian look on as Sean throws up some food and catches it in his mouth. They will probably try this at home.

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