Summer Fun

    Many events occur during the summer months and in these pages a few of them are depicted. More would be shown, but the author has been forgetting his camera on some occasions.
here they come
getting closer
Here comes the galant Weatherby Street crew holding up the grand tradition of being in the Mummer's Parade.
There is Heather Holzman in the make-shift Hummer, with her cardboard cannon ready to take on the enemy.
there they go
asleep at the switch
Katie watches as the float goes up the hill.  While Heather relaxes in the Hummer, Emily throws candy to the waiting kids,  which includes her cousin, Wyatt, and brother, Aidan.
Jordan Hart wanted to see Booboo,  so Patrick drove all the way to Dalton, but Jordan slept the whole time she was at Grandma and Grandpa's house, as this picture proves.
time stops for Keenan
wet and dreary day
In the meantime, Keenan stood fixed in time as the world swirled around him. Heather and Aidan are moving too fast for the camera, but Keenan is perfectly still.
It was a dark and stormy day, when the girls reported for duty at Camp Archbald.  It was a very wet beginning and there were probably too many ghost stories that night.