The Story of Susan

a new kid
in a stroller
The first baby born to the house in Dalton arrived in May of 1966.   At first she was in a carriage.
Later, she was in a jump chair - even outdoors in the Fall.  Here she was happily surrounded by two brothers and two sisters.
Soon she was introduced to the various kinds of baby food furnished by a well-known manufacturer. 
Did that face mean she liked the food or did she grimmace because she didn't know what to make of the stuff.
with mary anne
When not eating, Susan was often in the family room.  In this picture, she was very intently watching something.  What was it?
Susan arrived shortly after we moved into a new house in Dalton.  Mary Anne took her around to see the house.  This was a brief stop in mom and dad's room (also dad's office).

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