Susan - Page 2

with grandpa
on the swing
On one of the many trips to Larchmont, Susan was balanced on Grandpa's leg while Mary Anne pointed to the strange character holding the camera and Pegeen and John just looked on.
She had no shoes!  Everyone was in jackets for the cool Spring weather, but Susan had no shoes on.  She must have had cold feet. Maybe Patrick's ray gun kept her feet warm.
the street
In the summer, we often went swimming at one of the local state parks.  Susan was always cautious and made sure that sun block was applied to her delicate skin.
The family gathered on the street for a picture in the Fall when the many leaves covered the ground.  The trees were so dense that not much sunlight reached the ground.
a walk
in the back
What's this? Susan was alone with those two boys? Look at the expressions on their faces.  There was no telling what they were up to.
But, it looked like Susan had escaped and was starting the long climb up the steps to the back door.

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