Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving this year was at Katie and Aaron's in Dalton and the Dalton group was eagerly awaiting the out-of-town visitiors.

Maura's family has just arrived and they are tired from the long drive, but Liam is reaching for his train and will be ready to go in a minute, while one of his sisters is sticking close to mommy.
A strange face pokes its way into the center of things.  It is a Jug named Teddy and the twins seem fascinated by it.
Pegeen's family arrives and Liam and Aidan are ready to fight the giant Zach.
Everyone heads for the kitchen to prepare the food.  They say that too many cooks spoil the broth so it is good that we are not having broth.
The girls, Maura, Heather, Emily and Ainsley and Campbell,  are in the kitchen preparing the food  -   even the smallest of them are here and looking busy.
Now are these little girls preparing food or preparing to eat the food?

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