Thanksgiving 2011 - Page 3

little kid
more food
Poor Ainsley, she is too short to see what is going on around her in the kitchen.  Will anyone help her to see the whole scene. 
On the kitchen counter, Pegeen and Chuck's mother have brought containers filled with food for the day, but Ainsley can't see this.
and more
Finally, Pegeen has rescued the poor little girl and lifted her high up in the air so that she can see all that is going on around her.
While the hors d'oeurves are being prepared, Aidan and John S are discussing the proper drink to go along with the food. Aidan insists that Sprite is the beverage of choice.
two at a
Chuck and Maura have a chance to talk while Maura rests her heavy leg on Katie's new leather chair.
Heather has her hands full of Whites. Campbell on her right and Ainsley on her left.  Campbell is almost slipping out of her grasp. These little girls are getting heavy.

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