Thanksgiving 06 

the boys the babe
Zach and Jake had come for a visit, but the long drive had left them tired and glum.  Would nothing brighten their evening? Pegeen has found a young boy named Liam, Maura and Chuck's new son. Pegeen is very happy with Liam.. but Liam is more interested in the brightly colored toy.
center of attention the group
Well, what do you know, Ian, Jake and Zach are all smiles.  Is Liam the reason for all the joy in the room.  Even Ian, who had secured a bite to eat, came in to see the boy. Well, Maura has retrieved her son and the others have resumed staring at the TV screen.  Pegeen's family and mom are all resting up for the big day, tomorrow.
wating cutting cheese
It is late morning on Thanksgiving Day and Will4 and Aidan are waiting for the people to come and the fun to begin. In the kitchen, mom has just brought in the cheeses and Aaron is busy cutting them up for the big cheese tray, while mom brings some other food products in for Susan.

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