Thanksgiving 2008

the bed
It was Thanksgiving, so it was off to Syracuse again. The night before we stopped at Liam's house and he showed us his new bed and it is quite a bed with trucks and cars all over it.
Early on the frosty morning of the next day we arrived at Susan's to find a gang hard at work preparing the feast of feasts.  Above we find John S, John D, Will3, Susan, Mary Anne and Maura D hard at work.
When wandering around the house, a card prepared by Marissa was found.  It shows the members of our family, but it is all in Spanish so I can't tell who they are. Maybe you can.
Back in the kitchen, the gang is hard at work and mom and Pegeen have joined in.
Katie and Aaron arrived and Aidan, who had not seen his father for a day leaped into his arms and was promptly turned upside down.
When mom heard the commotion she turned around and they all left the room.

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