Thanksgiving 2009  

Maura had the family over for Thanksgiving this year.  This meant that we had to face the two fierce guardians of the hearth. This is one who is ready to take after the  cameraman.
This is the other or maybe it is the same.  These guardians can fool you by changing themselves to look just like the other so you never know which one you are facing.
twin again
She has advanced in my direction, but has not dared to smile so it is probably Ainsley.
One of the main pastimes of the twins is eating.  While waiting for dinner, they of course eat.  It looks like they have a delicious appetizer consisting of peas. The one with all the hair and small electronic box is Heather. Ainsley is looking at her with a very suspicious eye.
Katie appears in view and Ainsley perks up.  She probably thinks that some better food is coming. Campbell still looks far off into the distance.
Someone got a present.  Liam holds a new Lego kit.  What will he do with that?

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