Thanksgiving 2005

quiet dinner
more guests
The night before Thanksgiving we arrived at Maura's for  a quiet dinner of venison, home-made macaroni, stewed tomatoes and pumpkin pie. Mom, Maura and Chuck are all happily contemplating the meal,
when all of a sudden there arose such a clatter, Chuck rose to see what was the matter.  Three large boys came into eat.  At this point Ian and Jake are contemplating the bare table and were getting to work on the decorations.
kids and dog
early work
Later that night two little elves arrived to play with the big black dog.  Jordan and Keenan entertain Grady on the floor at Maura and Chuck's. (Photo by Chuck)
The next day was Thanksgiving and we arrived bright and early to watch the preparations of the gigantic feast.  Maura Diamond works her magic with the turkey as Aaron, Katie and mom watch.
Around the house, the tables were all set and ready for the many hungry guests that would soon arrive. Even the computer room had a table, which would be occupied by the grandsons.

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