Thanksgiving 2004

    The clan slowly gathered for the great annual feast.  From the north and the south, from the east and the west they came.  They gathered their food, their chairs and their tables.  Silverware and china came also to the feast.  By the mid afternoon, all were there and the time  for dinner came for the hungry crowd.  A fine time was had by all as can be seen by the pictures below:

katherine working
art work displayed
Way in advance, it was time to make the prized cinnamon buns.  A special treat created for and by  Katherine.
Katherine proudly displays her sketch book to the appreciating  grandparents.
It was early on Thanksgiving morning and John Diamond is getting ready for his roundtrip to Canada.  Grandma grimly looks at the work ahead for the grand meal.
It is time to get the drinks in the ice tub.  Will IV knows this because he is getting thirsty.
sean and
Will's father explains that you place the drinks in the tub; you do not throw them into the tub.
People have begun to arrive and Maura chats with Sean, while John Sheakoski wonders about his soon to be college-age son.