Will's First Communion

Up in Manlius, Will made his First Communion with lots of people to celebrate the event.

Down the aisle
This was Will4's First Communion Day and he entered the Church with the rest of the group and came down the center aisle in a serious manner.
All the kids went up on the altar area and Will is very attentive to all that was going on.
in line
same move
He seem to have a characteristic motion, in which he brought his hand up to his face. Where did that come from?
Oh, maybe it's genetic.  Here Will4 is in the Offertory Procession  as his mother watches.
the moment
On the way to Communion, Will had the look of an angel as he went down the aisle to the front of the Church
and to the priest in front of the altar.  Will4 handled it all in great form.

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