Winter '08

the light computer work
The light has shown on the ceiling and all must stare at it.  Even Jordan has interrupted her vital computer work to stare at the wondrous sight. Jordan works hard at her new OLPC computer while Keenan studiously examines another cool device.
block builder walter
The master block builder was at it again and constructed this masterpiece, using every block in the box. In March, my oldest cousin, Walter, died at the age of 93.  We went to Boston for the funeral and the picture above shows his daughter, Patricia, receiving the flag that covered the casket from the honor guard. Walter was a veteran of World War II.  
the family liam
Walter was buried in the Hart family plot, where his mother, Katherine I. Hart and wife, Margaret Joan Hart were buried.  My grandfather and grandmother were also buried in this plot. In the middle of the month of March, Liam came down to Dalton to see Heather in the play, The  Little Mermaid.  Liam was quite shy at first and did not want to leave his mother.

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