Winter of 2011

Aidan has been playing basketball and here he is waiting for the pass to arrive. He will probably have the ball in the basket in no time.

Aidan is explaining that he is completely innocent of anything that might have led to the player on the floor. There was no whistle so there must have been no foul.  The game then continued to an unknown end.

Patrick, Jordan and Keenan came up for a day of skiing on the big mountain.  they were overnight in Dalton in order to eat lots of red licorice. At least Heather and Jordan were awash in licorice. 

Jordan thought that the red licorice should make her look like a Mongolian god or wise man, but it doesn't quite work out.

Keenan is more concerned with the game of 3D tic tac toe that he will play with Aidan.

It is a hard fought game and it looks like the opposition is about to win.  Keenan better make the right move.

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