Winter 2013

Aidan is playing basketball and his team is doing very well.  Here he gets ready to shoot a foul shot.  Maybe it went in.

Here Aidan gets ready to get the ball as it rebounds from the backboard.  He is really alert here.

Will anyone in this group get the ball.   Aidan, number ten is sure to be in the thick of it.

They were champs again.  Trail sixth grade won over all to claim the trophies.  Congratulations to all the team.

The next mayor of the great community of Dalton is duly sworn in and Aaron takes over his  duties immediately, which means he now gets to handle all the complaints.

There was a great big birthday surprise  for the old man on the second of February and everyone was there, almost. This is what the old man saw as he came up the last of the three sets of steps.  Things were a bit dark in the beginning.

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