Winter Happenings

bake1 bake2
It was time for Heather to bake a cake for school.  She had to show the class how to do it, so she practiced under the watchful eye of grandma.  She first carefully measured and sifted the ingredients. Then she put them into the mixer and carefully added the eggs to the mix. It looks like she is doing a great job.
bake3 bake4
After the mix is well blended, Heather carefully pours the mix into the cake pan. She then scrapes the mixing bowl to make sure all the mix has been added to the baking pan.  Now it was just a matter of cooking the mix to produce a great chocolate cake.  Heather received a grade of yum-yum for her cooking project.
forbidden nothing to do
Uh, Oh! It looks like this boy is hanging on the closet pole. He shouldn't be doing that and if his mother finds out he will be in a lot of trouble.  It is a good thing his back is to the camera so he won't get caught. Alas, Jordan looks over the kids in the room and except for Heather's friend they all seem very bored.  What can she do?

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