We recently took a trip up north to Syracuse to visit a young actress.  When we entered the house we saw a little girl  holding a ball of fluff.  The fluff wiggled and jiggled, but if you look close there seems to be a face in all that fluff.  Anyway, Katherine seems to like it.
On the trip, Emily and Heather were along and here Marissa and Emily are ready to eat lunch with Grandma.  Marissa is somewhat pensive  since she realizes that she will soon be attacked by that vicious "Mr. Hyde" over at LaMoyne College.
all together
cousin twins
Heather and Katherine join the lunch crowd while Susan finishes up the lunch preparation in the background.
At dinnertime, Marissa manages a weak smile as she realizes that her violent tangles with "Mr. Hyde" are over and that she will be able to live a normal life.  Marissa's performances were so realistic that they nearly scared the life out of her  mother.
maura for dinner
Maura and Chuck were over for dinner and Will is busy dishing out some of his delicious jumbalaya for Maura, who had just run in to get her share.
After serving the crowd, Will is busy trying to get the best portions for his own meal as mom carries some plates into the dining room.

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