Christmas 2006

jordan keenan
It was early on Christmas Eve, when we arrived at Patrick and Alissa's house,  It was a warm, bright, sunny day which of course is the norm for Pennsylvania.  The kids were outside jumping up and down with the excitement of Christmas. Keenan and Jordan were both jumping with glee in the knowledge that Christmas would soon be here.
playing necklace
It was also Birthday time for Keenan, so grandpa and BooBoo had brought him a present of magnetic building sticks that would glow in the dark,   Keenan got right to work and began building something on the floor.   Jordan got involved and started to make a necklace from the pieces, figuring that a glow-in-the-dark necklace would really stand out.
with cousin anthony
It wasn't long before the cousins arrived and Keenan went downstairs to play with cousin, Sal.  They are engaged in serious discussion about what to do with the figures from the magic toy box. Upstairs, was the little angelic cousin, Anthony, who was having a nice talk with his mother. She was telling him how nice he had been that day.  

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