Christmas 2006 - Page 2

sean aggie
The Diamonds have arrived and mom greets Sean as Patrick pours drinks and Uncle Joe moves into the crowd.  They have all gathered for the Many Fish Dinner, a tradition for Christmas Eve. As Maggie takes a few laps around the house, Gina explains to Alissa how  the cooking should be done.
the boys job talk
The three big guys belly up to the bar and Sal and Anthony wait for Keenan's judgement on the quality of the shrimp on the table. In the meantime, they hold some safe non-toxic plastic figures. There was some serious talk going on.  Here John D and Uncle Joe talk about the problems of limited partnerships, which is one of the major problems facing people today.
alien crowd
In the meantime, an alien has come into visit Keenan, who is trying  to get his 3-D glasses on so that he can recognize this stranger from outer space. Back in the kitchen, mom demonstrates the best method of holding a coffee cup to a crowd consisting of Uncle Joe, John D, Maura D, Maggie, Sean and others.  All are amazed at her skill.

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