Christmas 2006 - Page 3

maura presents
In the kitchen area are Maura D, Maggie, Steven and mom's coffee cup, which is being held correctly.  Maggie has her bottle of water and is ready to begin running a few more laps. The kids have been allowed to open the presents from relatives, so Anthony dives right in, while Keenan just looks wide-eyed.  His sister, Jordan has already grapped a package wrapped in golden paper.
jordan more gifts
Jordan has her hands full of presents, while it looks like her mother has just received a new Jean jacket.   The adults have all been given gifts, too. Mary Anne holds a what-you-may-callit, while mom, Alissa and Stephen look on.
lots of stuff what is she reading?
John D has received a pair of funny eye glasses, and Sean, Maura D, and mom laugh at the sight.  Maggie seems to be engrossed in a magazine.  (Grandpa got his usual lump of coal, but maybe he will be good enough to get a real present next year.) Why it is Ranger Rick, which is a great magazine for kids.  But, Maggie will probably have to give it up at the end of the school year when she graduates from high school.  

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